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Temple Crag in Winter


Self portrait in Lake 2 of the Big Pine Lakes. Towering above is the 13k foot Temple Crag, one of my all time favorite mountains in the Sierras. Have you climbed it or at least seen it? I think its a class 4 scramble but might by a lot more technical than that. I’m not a true mountaineer, just an avid hiker. The lake (Lake 2 again) was beautifully frozen with most of the snow blown off. The trail itself was a bit icy but with crampons was no problem. Do you like to hike with crampons? They add so much security to climbing on ice that you feel like no climb is impossible. Almost 10 miles round trip to this spot but so worth it. This was shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 which I rented for a few weeks in December 2017. I loved it except that being a cropped sensor it didn’t perform quite so well in low light as my full frame Nikon D810.

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adventure, hiking, sierra nevada, travel

Ice skating on Big Pine Lakes


Sometimes the best views on out on thin ice. Lake Two of the Big Pine Lakes (there are 7 total) reflects the majestic beauty of Temple Crag just after sunset. While I didn’t actually have ice skates on, the ice was smooth enough from the sun melting it over the daytime, that I could slide quite well in even my hiking boots. One of my favorite hikes in the Eastern Sierras. Where is yours?

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