Some of my Favorite Norway Photos and Where I Took Them

Norway has a ton of exciting places to visit that I haven’t had the time to see yet. Like the tallest mountain in the country which apparently has an ice tube carved into it by adventurous climbers where you can literally slide down the mountain once your reach the top. Or what about the famous rock left balancing between two cliffs overhanging a fjord (Kjeragbolten)? Even Pulpit Rock, which is often super crowded, is supposed to be an amazing site to see. But guess what? It was covered in fog when I spent 4 whole hours strenuously climbing to the top and I didn’t get to see a damn thing!

The following destinations are all nearby to Flåm, a popular tourist and vacation spot on Norway’s largest fjord just a few hours away from Bergen.



Stalheimskleiva is a scenic spot on a narrow winding mountain pass near Flam Norway. The valley below is green and fertile with innumerable waterfalls flowing off the sides and grassy farmland filling the middle. This was one of my favorite views in all of Norway that did not involve a Fjord. To get here you have to leave the main highway which tunnels under the mountain before resurfacing in the valley. You will also get stunning views of Stalheimsfossen (126 meter horsetail waterfall) and Sivlefossen. At the bottom of the hill there is a small parking area and some hiking trails which I’m sure are beautiful although I haven’t done them yet myself.




Continue following the main road (E16) for another couple of kilometers and you will come to Kjelfossen, one of Norway’s tallest waterfalls. This photo hardly does it justice but I thought the clouds midway up made the scene absolutely epic. The falls is approximately 755 meters tall or 2,477 feet tall. Apparently it is a popular ice climbing destination in Norway. The entire area is breath-taking and to the east is a harbor for the ferry to Flam. Or if you prefer you can take the E16 as I did.



Stegastein is a view-point overlooking the part of the Sognefjorden fjord where Flam is. This fjord is the largest in Norway and the second largest in the world and is absolutely beautiful. You must see it and this is one of the best viewpoints. In fact all along this road are numerous overlooks and pull outs to get a better idea of the land’s beauty.

All three of these sites can be seen and enjoyed in a single day trip from Bergen as we did this summer with time to spare.

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