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Have you ever hiked up a mountain like this?

Sequoia National Park is full of surprises. Just this month I hiked up to a fire lookout that was beautifully situated on a huge rock. I’d never even heard of this place before! Here we are hiking up the magnificent Moro Rock to catch a stunning sunset. Have you ever hiked up such a climb before right up the cliff? Check out my YouTube channel for more adventures.


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adventure, hiking, photography, travel

He won’t attack us will he?!?

After seeing the bear several people began asking if it would attack us. No one really knew so we kept on hiking. He kept on looking for grubs. And we were all happy. But I will say: be sure you don’t feed bears. This makes them more comfortable around humans and makes them think of us as a food source which can ultimately lead to them attacking humans. The best thing is to enjoy them from a safe distance and given them space.

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adventure, camera, hiking, photography, travel

We almost got Eaten by a bear!

While hiking in King’s Canyon last summer, we came across this young black bear foraging for grubs and berries. He came right up close to us! We didn’t want to run as to cause him to think we were prey, but we did want to keep a safe distance. He didn’t seem to mind us at all and kept about his business before walking away into the forest. Very cool and just a bit scary.

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