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How do I get my Photos?

People often ask me how I get such amazing shots (their words not mine). I don’t think my shots are that impressive most of the time. They certainly aren’t professional yet. And I would love if you guys would give me some constructive feedback on how to improve.

However, I would love to share the few tips I do have so far on getting these shots, including setting, timing, location, equipment, and editing.

Lets start with the gear that I use.

For panorama shots, videos, and certain difficulty lighting situations (where HDR setting is best), I actually use my Samsung Galaxy S7. I wish they would sponsor me haha. Some of my best photos come from this phone. I use an Auto or Panorama setting occasionally using the HDR option on Auto. That’s it!

Brand New cost $600

My DSLR camera is a Nikon D3300. This is a crop sensor (as opposed to full-frame) entry level DSLR with a surprising number of options including full manual settings.

Brand New about $460

My favorite lens is the highly rated Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm 1:3.5-5.6 DX VR zoom lens. This lens has an auto focus that is usually accurate and a manual focus which I find somewhat stiff to adjust precisely. I hope to upgrade to a professional grade lens soon.

Brand New about $500

My second favorite lens is the Tokina SD 11-16 F2.8 (IF) DX which works with Nikon though I’m not sure if the auto focus is accurate. I use this for wide-angle photos of landscapes at least 7 feet away (the manual mode for this lens adjusts to infinite after 7 feet. Make sure the focus marker is perfectly in line with the infinite symbol ∞.

Brand New cost $450

Besides that I also use multiple SD cards, preferring smaller 4gb ones over larger ones, some filters (Neutral Density filters to extend exposure time and Graduated Neutral Density filters for differing exposures). I need to purchase a Polarizing filter next to reduce glare. I also use an SD to Micro USB converter that allows me to directly put photos from my DSLR to my phone for Instagram posting on the go. I also own an older manual Nikon Nikkor.C 1:4.5 f=80-200mm zoom lens. It’s a really nice older lens that works well on most Nikon camera.

I’m looking to upgrade to a professional grade Camera and am torn between the Nikon D810, Canon Mark III or IV, and the Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless. Any suggestions or opinions?

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Check out the Equipment I use

Nikon D3300
Nikkor 18-140mm Zoom Lens
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II