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The Bridge to Reserve Reservoir


Hiking in the Stanislaus National Forest. This is part of the trail from Kennedy Meadows to Reserve Reservoir. It is currently the last hike still open on the Sonora Pass before the road is closed for the winter. From here the mountain rivers begin, obtaining snow melt from high looming peaks many over 10k feet tall. I want to go back and scramble those mighty peaks. Sadly the reservoirs up here are quite low as California is slipping back into drought. I’m always surprised at the amazingly beautiful spots that I’ve never heard of or seen photos of before when I’m hiking in California. We get so caught up as photographers with chasing that Instagram popular location that we miss so many just as beautiful spots that are much more unique and secluded. That’s one of my goals for 2018…see more rare places and spend less time chasing popular spots. By the way, who would climb on the edge of that bridge like that?

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