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Ice skating on Big Pine Lakes


Sometimes the best views on out on thin ice. Lake Two of the Big Pine Lakes (there are 7 total) reflects the majestic beauty of Temple Crag just after sunset. While I didn’t actually have ice skates on, the ice was smooth enough from the sun melting it over the daytime, that I could slide quite well in even my hiking boots. One of my favorite hikes in the Eastern Sierras. Where is yours?

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The Bridge to Reserve Reservoir


Hiking in the Stanislaus National Forest. This is part of the trail from Kennedy Meadows to Reserve Reservoir. It is currently the last hike still open on the Sonora Pass before the road is closed for the winter. From here the mountain rivers begin, obtaining snow melt from high looming peaks many over 10k feet tall. I want to go back and scramble those mighty peaks. Sadly the reservoirs up here are quite low as California is slipping back into drought. I’m always surprised at the amazingly beautiful spots that I’ve never heard of or seen photos of before when I’m hiking in California. We get so caught up as photographers with chasing that Instagram popular location that we miss so many just as beautiful spots that are much more unique and secluded. That’s one of my goals for 2018…see more rare places and spend less time chasing popular spots. By the way, who would climb on the edge of that bridge like that?

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Caples Lake Anyone?


This is a self portrait I took while traveling over the Carson Pass Highway that crosses California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. This lake is called Caples Lake and is near the Kirkwood Ski Resort. Just wait till you see the winter photos I got here once the lake froze! I want to try to post more photos from places that aren’t overly photographed in Instagram. There are certain places we all like to photograph because they are stunning and popular for a reason. However, I really enjoy seeing and hear about new places and want to contribute to that with my travels and creativity. Honestly this lake and it’s surroundings with some early fall snow are just as beautiful as many more popular destinations. And the best part is that I could explore and even take some self portraits without anyone else around. Do you have a favorite secret spot?

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Watching Lake Sabrina Freeze


The ice was blue. The umbrella red. My new favorite prop. I know it’s been done many times before but I haven’t seen a lot lately. Yellow raincoats can only be beat by red umbrellas. Self portrait at Lake Sabrina about a month ago. I’ve been here a couple times but my favorite was this visit with the lake starting to freeze and no people or boats around. This lake is located up past Aspendell outside of Bishop California. To get here you must walk up a 2 mile closed road (but its not a bad hike at all).

This is a self portrait by the way. Any tips on capturing awesome photos of yourself when it’s just you and the camera?


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A Cold Day on the Twin Lakes


Its not often you can skate on a frozen lake in California! The conditions have to be just right! Super cold. No snow on the ice. Long enough for the ice to be solid. 2017 was there year. While we do really need the snow, this lack of it despight cold weather has allowed the lakes near Mammoth California to freeze, perfect for ice hockey, ice skating, or just walking over a frozen body of water. Twin Lakes, Ruby Lake, and Rock Creek Lake were great last I was up there in November 2017.


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Favorite Hot Springs?


Shepherd hot springs all to myself. Have you guys ever been to the Easter Sierra? The Sierras are a diverse, beautiful mountain range in California. Their name (Sierra Nevada) means “snowy mountains” and is aptly named most of the time (this year’s been a bit slow with that snow but above 10,000 feet there is a good amount). Tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, and historic glaciers created these beauties. Beyond them stretch their sister mountain range the White Mountains (seen in this photo). Between these two great ranges are countless natural hot springs. Most are free and open to the public. Some, like this one, have man assisted pools which enable peaceful soaking all year long. I was lucky to have this one all to myself for an hour or so. What’s your favorite hot springs in California?


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Have you ever hiked up a mountain like this?

Sequoia National Park is full of surprises. Just this month I hiked up to a fire lookout that was beautifully situated on a huge rock. I’d never even heard of this place before! Here we are hiking up the magnificent Moro Rock to catch a stunning sunset. Have you ever hiked up such a climb before right up the cliff? Check out my YouTube channel for more adventures.


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