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Join me on Vero!

Vero is a new social app that seeks to combine some of the best parts of other social apps while fixing some of the things we despise about them. It allows you to post photos in their best size, whether that be tall or panorama. It also organizes posts of people that you follow in…

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Hot Creek and Gorge

Hot Creek Geological Site is one of the many diverse geothermal locations near Mammoth Lakes. The land is rich in volcanic history and has so many hot springs most of which you can freely bathe and relax in. This one is unique though. The water in the main springs (pictured below) is quite blue (yes…

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Sharing the Sierra’s Secrets

I love driving down the 395 (the main highway along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Range in California) and finding new and unexplored (by me) roads into the mountains. One such road that I found near Bridgeport was Green Creek Road, a 9 mile winding gravel road that eventually dead ends near a…

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Midnight over Morrison Peak

Some people say that you can’t see the milky way when the moon is out, especially if it is a full moon. It certainly isn’t as crisp and clear but with a good lens, and nice camera, and a little luck one can still find our galaxy even when the landscape is being lit up…

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