Hi everyone,

For those who follow me on Instagram, I am Jesse or @jeltown. While I have had a normal job from time to time, increasingly I’ve spent my time traveling the world and taking photographs of the beautiful people and scenery that fills this lovely planet.

Since being a young kid, I’ve always loved photography but didn’t get my first DSLR and start seriously pursing the art until about 2 years ago. I started with a Nikon D3300 and than moved on to  Nikon D810 and have also used a Sony A7r ii, Fujifilm X-T2, and Sony A7. What’s your favorite camera and lens?

I started out photographing my travels and adventures with my phone, editing them with Snapseed and posting brilliant HDR photos of my adventures. Since then I’ve progressed through several phases or styles and enjoy trying new things all the times. I currently use Lightroom and edit my RAW images which I sync with Lightroom Mobile to upload to Instagram and here. While landscapes and popular tourist destinations once filled my grid, I’ve now moved to a more human focus. Whether its simple portraits or complex landscapes with a human for scale, I love the dynamic of adding a human to something non human, somewhere we are a guest.

Besides photography, I am an avid hiker and traveler. I’ve been to about 40+ states in the US, 4 Canadian provinces, and 30 or so countries. I hope to soon start traveling full time and spending more quality time in each places, capturing the people and the landscapes in photo and maybe bringing a video element to the story as well. Currently I am spending my free time building my portfolio and hiking the Eastern Sierra’s in California.

Community is where the artistic community flourishes. If you are interested in collaborating, hiking, sharing an adventure, send me a message or write a comment. Or better yet DM me @jeltown on Instagram as that is probably the quickest way to get a response.

Happy travels!



PS. Like my work? Check out www.creatingezra.com to buy my prints and check out my full portfolio 🙂

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