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Setting Sun from Bridgeport


One thing I love about the Eastern Sierra mountains is how different they can look depending on the clouds, the weather, the time of the year. Fall colors change the landscape from yellow, to gold, to orange and brown. Add a few clouds and a sunset and you get even more spectacular tones. The windswept grassy fields around Bridgeport create a beautiful foreground to the stunning Sierra Crags that rise above the Twin Lakes Region off in the distance. A light dusting of snow has coated the peaks. I imagine now they are completely covered in snow. Can’t wait to get back up here and explore some more. What is your favorite spot to hike around Bridgeport, California?

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6 thoughts on “Setting Sun from Bridgeport”

  1. I’m in cali too! But I’m in the Bay Area so I have to hike a ways to get vistas like this. Also this photo is just STUNNING! That Golden glow and that gentle breeze motion you captured yet everything is still crisp. Love that light snowy dusting too! Keep getting these shots friend! Can’t wait to see more!! Where abouts is Bridgeport?

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    1. I live in the Bay Area as well, I try to get to the Sierra as much as possible though because I find it so much more stunning than the city, even though it is a beautiful setting as cities go. Its just outside the town going north on 395

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  2. Have you been to the Travertine Hot Springs right near Bridgeport? I will be going there next weekend or possibly end of March I believe. They look beautiful! Natural hot springs with views of the Sierras:)

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