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Caples Lake Anyone?


This is a self portrait I took while traveling over the Carson Pass Highway that crosses California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. This lake is called Caples Lake and is near the Kirkwood Ski Resort. Just wait till you see the winter photos I got here once the lake froze! I want to try to post more photos from places that aren’t overly photographed in Instagram. There are certain places we all like to photograph because they are stunning and popular for a reason. However, I really enjoy seeing and hear about new places and want to contribute to that with my travels and creativity. Honestly this lake and it’s surroundings with some early fall snow are just as beautiful as many more popular destinations. And the best part is that I could explore and even take some self portraits without anyone else around. Do you have a favorite secret spot?

Enjoy my adventures?



3 thoughts on “Caples Lake Anyone?”

  1. I love the idea to share more of the less seen places too, although a wonder why somewhere like this isn’t Instagrammable enough. It looks stunning!

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    1. It is instagrammable for sure, but certain places get popular on instagram and thus garner more likes so people keep going back to them. If I had a dollar for every shot I’ve seen from Taft Point in Yosemite this year…

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