Where should I stay when I travel: Camping

6 thoughts on “Where should I stay when I travel: Camping”

  1. Thanks. BTW, did you get in touch with Kate Gardiner?

    On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 10:02 PM, My World Wanders wrote:

    > MyWorldWanders posted: ” Camping: Outside of friends and family, camping > is often your cheapest option. I’ve seen 8-10 people put 3 tents on one $20 > camp site and literally pay about $2/each. There are some places you can > even camp for free (Iceland and New Zealand are kno” >

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  2. Lovely photo of the tent at night. I tried wild camping without a tent for the first time last year. I chose a night when it wasn’t forecast to rain and fell asleep counting the stars. It was funny to waken during the night and look straight up the sky. It was a wonderful experience that I have repeated several times since. Have you tried wild camping? Happy travels fionatrowbridge.com

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      1. I have never tried a hammock – I’d love to give it a go though. Have you slept in a hammck? I’d love to read about it if you have. – I’d love to know about how you tie it up, how you get into it, how safe you feel hanging from a tree. Is it colder than sleeping on a mat on the ground?


      2. Its not so cold actually but I do prefer a mat on the ground for comfort, and i’ve never done a hammock in the winter so it may be much colder then! My hammock comes with straps that you wrap around a tree and than use a hook on the end of the hammock to attach, its very simple and self explanatory if you see it, but I’ve not used it in a long time, last few trips I went tent camping


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