Where should I stay when I travel?: Hostels

2 thoughts on “Where should I stay when I travel?: Hostels”

  1. Great to read your view on hostels 🙂 I agree that you can’t beat them as places to meet other travelers. I’ve also had some of the same feelings as you regards outgrowing hostels – being in the over 30 age group ;P, but personally I’ve found it might be a result of me being overly self conscious. I’ve read elsewhere younger travelers saying they enjoy seeing more mature backpackers in hostels and even find it inspiring. While staying at a hostel in Budapest last year – yes some amazing hostels there! – I met an 80 year old traveler who goes from city to city to try out all the different dance clubs! He really inspired me 🙂 Some of the younger people I’ve met in hostels have also told me they prefer there being a mix of ages as it creates more balance. I definitely agree.

    Can’t wait to read your upcoming hostel tips!

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    1. That’s awesome! about the 80 year old. As long as they are chill and not creepy, I’m all about it! I definitely don’t feel self conscious just sometimes want a bit more quiet as I do love the parties but enjoy some other things in life more now too!

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