How I get my photos: Camera Settings

11 thoughts on “How I get my photos: Camera Settings”

  1. This is great advice, thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been playing around lately with my camera settings to get some great shots. I’m also looking into some professional camera apps for my iphone. Sometimes it’s easier just having my phone on me because my camera feels like a burden to lug around. How do you feel about that when you travel?


    1. I’d recommend going all the way and getting a really nice camera if you can afford it. If not the D3300 is good and is really cheap, can’t really comment on the other one you are looking at as I’ve never used it 🙂

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    2. We went with the d5500 and really love it. I think that the lens is way more important than the camera though so maybe go a little cheaper on the housibg and get the best lens you can. Amazing photo on this post MyWorldWanders and great advice. I find aperture hardest to get right so I’ll use your tip.

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      1. To be perfectly honest I don’t know enough to recommend one to you. It really depends on what you’re going to use it for. If you’re doing a safari a decent telephoto is where I’d look first tamron do some nice 18-200 zoom lenses which would be way better than the ones nikon bundle in.

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      2. Yeah I’ve been using either f11 (without a filter for point and shoot) or f22 (with a tripod, filter, and long exposure for blurred water or clouds). Glad you are happy with your camera. I agree, the lens is super important, although I do believe the processing factor of better cameras is with taking into consideration


  2. I love the long exposure photo at the top of your post :). I think I use similar camera settings to yours, although my filters give photos too much of a cast to use them. I’ll have to consider paying for some decent ones.

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