Epic spots off the beaten path in Iceland

7 thoughts on “Epic spots off the beaten path in Iceland”

    1. Thanks! I love getting off the trail. These are all accessible if you drive around the entire ring road, a trip well worth doing. My journey was a bit rushed but hopefully doing it again and taking a couple of weeks to really soke it in.

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  1. Hey there, I love your blog! Iceland is extremely high on my places to visit, so I really appreciated reading all your posts about it. It seems you have been there several times. How much time would you recommend there for a first trip?


    1. Thank you for checking it out! Its super new so lots more to add! I have been to Iceland only twice but am going back a 3rd time in March so I’m researching new places to go. I’d go for at least a week for a first trip although I went for 5 days and had a blast. If you want to drive around the whole island you need a week minimum


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