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A quick guide to visiting Iceland (part 2)


Getting around Iceland:

By far the best way to get around Iceland and see all that it has to offer is to rent a car. In the winter I’d recommend a 4 wheel drive or if you desire to go up the mountain into the national park or the glaciers even in the summer. However, from late spring to early fall, you can literally drive around the entire country in the most budget of cars without too much difficulty. How do I know? I’ve done it. In a Chevrolet Spark. Even over some treacherous gravel mountain passes!

Of course, there is public transportation in the main city, and then you can take bus tours of the popular tourist sites for sure. And there are frequest flights from the main city to smaller ones via small aircraft for a fee if you are willing.

But if you really want to get a feel for the beauty of this place, you need to rent a car. These run from about $25/day for an off season economy car with limited milage to over $200/day for an off road capable SUV.

Gas is expesnive in Iceland however. Fule can be up to $8/gallon.

The Famous Blue Lagoon:

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country of Iceland. It is formed from the run off  hot spring water used to pwer a geo thermoal electrical plan which is then funneled into a natural looking man made pool with mud baths, massages, and bars surrounding it.

While this place is increddibly touristy and actualyl quite man made, it can be a relaxing place to visit.

Id recommend buying tickets in advance as they usually sell out. bring some snacks and sneak some alcohol in if you can as things are ridiculously expesnive inside. Get the basic package and then go enjoy a good full day in the park. There are steam rooms and saunas to enjoy as well as the beautiful pool with varying temperatures of water. There is plenty of mud to go around for skin cleansing and good facilities to clean up afterward. Tickets range from $40-55.


Food varies greatly in Iceland depending on iff you are are eating out or shopping at the super market. There are several discount super markets with prices as good or better than food costs in the US including Bonus and Kronan.

Eating out is very expensive. I imagine this is because of labor costs being high. I’m sure there are some more economical choices and from what I hear there are a few delicious restaurants that one must try. However if you are on a tight budget you may wish to forgo this option.

One note about food in Iceland. Some people will tell you that to truly experience Iceland culture you must try whale meat. While the Icelandic people have at times eaten whale, it is primarily a tourist attraction and completely unnecessary for your enjoyment of the Island. Please be humane and refrain from eating these highly intelligent beings and don’t eat at restaurants that serve whale meat.


Iceland uses the Krona which is valued at 110 per US dollar at the time of this writing.

Most places take credit cards but do keep a few thousand in bills just in case.

Cell phone service

T-mobile has 4G service throughout Iceland as good or better than in the US. Your T-mobile plan allows you your normal data allowance and unlimited text in Iceland with no changes or additional charges. Calling is extra.

Other providers may have other plans options


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